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Hello, my name is Carla Terrell. Thanks for visiting my website! I now have four fictional, inspirational Christian novels:

    Remove the Fig Leaves, (2012)
    Romancing the Stony Heart, Part 1, (2013)
    Heart and Soul, Part 2, (2014)
    My Heart's Home, Part 3 (2015)

A Little Insight About My Novels

My ambition is to change the conventional standard in my writing by delving largely into the male (hero) protagonist's perspective. More to the point, the male protagonist is the chief character...a Christian, American, "alpha" male with a heroic heart. Though the main character will extol Christian values, he is certainly not without flaws. He will wrestle with temptations, occasionally make the wrong decisions, lose faith, and yield to human frailties. In other words, the character is not perfect, but strives to be perfect in his Christian walk. When needed, I will delve into the mind of an antagonist, and he will become the main character (as in the novel "Heart and Soul").

To learn more about each novel, click on the "My Novels" link, or click on a book image.

Thank You!

This is the day the Lord has made, so rejoice and be glad in it.

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