Heart and Soul


Laramie Samson King, the wealthy, handsome stocks and commodities sales agent from Charleston South Carolina, is determined to have the love of his life by any means necessary, and despite family ties. And what Laramie wants, he usually gets. The object of his affection is the beautiful Seprah Ann King. However, Seprah is married to Carson Solomon King, his half brother (who is a clergy). Laramie only sees their marriage as a minor setback standing in the way of his happiness, and plans to steer the newlyweds to divorce court.

His mission: to dismantle his eldest brother's marriage and gain Seprah's hand. It is nothing that his intelligence, ingenuity, manipulation, and charisma can't handle.

Will Laramie succeed, or will he abort his mission? But even a bad guy can make good, if his heart so chooses.

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