My Heart's Home


Seprah and Carson King are new parents. Having finished her education, Seprah is now a full-time director of the Small Wonders Daycare Center. Her husband, Carson, is still the assistant pastor of The Rock of Ages Church; he's in full remission from aplastic anemia. The Kings have hired a live-in nanny to lighten the burden of their parental duties. Still newlyweds, they hope to maintain wedded bliss and grow more leaves on their family tree. As for Laramie King, he continues to live in London England, working as an investment associate. Seprah and Carson's marriage is no longer in troubled waters, now that Laramie is out of the country. All is right with the world in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. It looks to be smooth sailing for the couple.

Or, is it just the calm before the storm?

When communication stops and secrets are kept, distrust, suspicions and upheaval will take the helm. Can Seprah and Carson's marriage withstand the raging waves and tempests, or will their marriage meet a watery grave, leaving the wreckage to wash up on the sandy shores?

Divine intervention will be needed to help the couple stay the course.

Life comes full circle for Carson, Seprah, also for Laramie in this African-American family saga.

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