Remove the Fig Leaves


Dr. Preston Good had settled his life for permanent bachelorhood after his fiancée stomped on his heart five years ago. Although he still believed in love and commitment, and wanted to have a significant other in his life, Preston drew the line at marriage. It would take the Almighty God to intervene in his course. As a Christian physician specializing in infertility medicine, he was no stranger to God's miraculous power to perform the impossible. Could God, through a series of unusual occurrences, heal his wounded heart and make him a recipient of love and marriage?

When bestselling author, Lola Cartwright, and her famous NFL husband turned to Dr. Preston Good for his medical expertise, they knew he was a godsend. However, when a series of tragedies devastates Lola's life, putting her at odds with God, Dr. Good is willing to go above and beyond his professional services to restore her faith, and to persuade her to love again.

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