Romancing the Stony Heart


Air Force Chaplain, Carson King, unwittingly falls in love with Seprah Nelson, an unbeliever of the Christian faith. Carson hopes to win Seprah's heart for himself, and her soul for heaven's gain, with the intention to marry her. But will those in the faith frown on his decision, and view him to be "unequally yoked" with an unbeliever? Will Carson succumb to the pressures of the doctrinal teaching, and not pursue a relationship with Seprah? Adding to his dilemma, there are secrets from his past that must be revealed. Could those secrets wreak problems in his quest to win Seprah's hand, and turn away her heart?

Seprah Nelson is a pastor's daughter, and the assistant director of the church daycare center. Her beauty gives her a shot at fame and fortune when a prominent modeling agent offers her a contract. Just when all seems well, a disaster occurs, threatening Seprah's safety. Although Carson ensures her security, he may have inadvertently tossed her from the frying pan into the fire when his look-alike half-brother, Laramie--who is more secular than Carson is Christian--seeks to gain Seprah's love for himself.

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